Shor Park

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Shor Park
4659 Tealtown Road
Milford, OH 45150
GPS Coordinates
N 39.10858
W 84.23858
Park Map
Area Map

53 Acres

Shor Park
is the newest park within the Clermont County Park District. Dedicated in October 2010, the park is named in honor of S. David Shor. The 53 acre parcel of land was donated to the park district in 2003 by Sylvia Shor. The park is named in honor of her late husband. The park currently features three walking trails that wind through the many open fields on the property. Summer is an excellent time for watching birds and butterflies that inhabit the property. In the spring, many of the fields become flooded providing excellent habitat for chorus frogs, spring peepers, and American toads.

Wetland Restoration
In 2014, with the help from the Clermont Soil and Water Conservation District, the Park District completed a Wetland Restoration Project. The project was funded by a Surface Water Improvement Fund grant courtesy of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

The completed project restores 10 acres of wetland habitat along Tealtown Road. These wetlands are crucial to not only providing habitat for native wildlife, but also protecting and improving water quality within the East Fork watershed. 

As part of the restoration efforts, invasive plants such as autumn olive, and callery pear trees were removed, and various native wetland plants were planted in their place. Visitors to the park can learn more about the wetland restoration project by taking a walk along the trails and reading the interpretive signs that are placed along the trail.

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