Naturalist Programs

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Canoeing the East Fork of the Little Miami River

Box Turtle

Monarch Butterfly

Naturalist Programs 

 2017 Naturalist Guided Hike Series

 Upcoming Hikes:

Saturday, April 1st: Wildflower Walk (10:30am – 11:30am @ Chilo Lock #34 Park)

Join us as we keep an eye out for emerging spring wildflowers! These plants are a special treat  since they only bloom for a short time every spring! This event is free and open to the public.

Friday, April 21st: Frog Hoppin’ Hike (7pm – 8:30pm @ Shor Park)

Spring evenings tend to be teeming with life from our noisy amphibian friends. Join us for a hike around the wetlands of Shor Park. Bring a flashlight and we will search for frogs and toads, and whatever else we can find! This event is free and open to the public.

Sunday, April 23rd: Hike Club – Navigation and Orienteering (11am - 1pm @ Sycamore Park)

Learn how to find your way around in the woods and gain important orienteering skills! You can exercise your body and your mind on this guided hike through Sycamore Park! This event is free and open to the public.

Navigation Hike 





Upcoming Events:

Saturday, April 1st: Museum Opening Day (11:30am – 1pm @ Chilo Lock 34 Park)

Come help us celebrate the yearly re-opening of the Chilo Lock 34 Visitor Center and Museum! 

You can learn about the unique history of Chilo and the Ohio River. There will even be a few changes from last year in the museum. We will have hot dogs and refreshments for everyone to enjoy! This event is free and open to the public. 

Saturday, April 8th: Nest Fest (10am – 12pm @ Chilo Lock 34 Park)

Join us for some spring-themed fun! Learn how to identify bird eggs and nests. Use your “owl eyes” for our egg hunt, and meet birds of prey up close with our friends from RAPTOR Inc! This event is free and open to the public. 

Tuesday, April 25nd: Habitat Help Day (9am – 11am @ Shor Park)

Celebrate National Volunteer Week by lending a helping hand to the Clermont County Park District! We are looking for several volunteers to help us improve the habitat at Shor Park. We will be cutting some invasive bush honeysuckle and pulling up garlic mustard. This will help us make room for more diverse native plants. To sign up, contact Naturalist Alyssa Rooks at or call 513-876-9013.







Wednesday, April 12th: Wildlife Wednesday – PolliNATION  10 am – 11am @ Little Miami Scenic River and Trail Center

Did you know that bees and butterflies aren’t the only pollinators? There are actually 200,000 pollinators worldwide! Join the Clermont County Park District and the Little Miami Conservancy as we discover different pollinators and their important role in our environment. Play a game and learn the secret life of pollinators and how they help us every day. Decorate a pot and plant a Native Wildflower to take home!


Thursday, April 20th: Geology Rocks! Homeschool Program (9am – 10:30 am @ Sycamore Park)

Through interactive studies on the rock cycle, glaciation, soils and fossilization students will become expert Junior Geologists. An exploratory hike takes students on a journey back in time before dinosaurs roamed. Program concludes with a fossil hunt where students can take home their very own fossils from the Little Miami River! Programs are $4 per person. To register your child, please contact Naturalist Jana Marshall at or call 513-240-2615.


Monday, April 24th: Trees, Trees, Wonderful Trees! Girl Scout Program (5:30pm – 6:30pm @ Sycamore Park)

Join us at the parks as we become familiar with our neighborhood trees! Trees are very unique plants, and important for so many animals, including humans! Scouts will learn the importance of trees in nature, and how to identify some common tree species in Ohio using bark and leaves. Programs are $4 per person. To register, please contact Naturalist Alyssa Rooks at or call 513-876-9013.











Please contact Jana Marshall—Westhoven at 513-240-2615 for information on all the Park District Naturalist Programs




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