One of the picnic shelters that can be reserved at Sycamore Park.

Picnic Shelters

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Picnic Shelters can be rented at Chilo Lock 34 Park, Pattison Park, and Sycamore Park. Shelters are available from 10 am until dusk on the day of the rental. To reserve a picnic shelter call the Park District main office at 513-732-2977.

Pattison Park
Pattison Shelter
Capacity: 150  people
Fee:   $100
Pattison Park Shelter Information and Rules

Sycamore Park    
Sycamore Woods Shelter
Capacity: 50 people
Fee:   $75
Sycamore Woods Shelter Information and Rules

Sycamore Park 
Sycamore #2 Shelter
Capacity: 150 people
Fee:  $100
Sycamore #2 Shelter Information and Rules

Chilo Lock 34 Park
Chilo Shelter
Capacity:  50 people 
Fee:  $75
Chilo Shelter Information and Rules

The Hartman Log Cabin is a 5 acre park and rental facility.
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